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Embrace the Arts

Literacy for Kids, formed in 2019, asked the question, “How can we teach children to recognize the art in reading?” We saw firsthand how educational presentations inspired students to respond with excitement, enthusiasm, and curiosity.

Making personal connections with each child creates a lasting impression.


Literacy for Kids primary mission is to introduce the concept that reading is connected to the arts. Beat, rhythm, and illustrations behind the words can make the task of learning more interesting. Our vision is a world where curious children celebrate the art in literacy.

The steady pulse underlying the music the whole way through.


The actual sound or time value of the notes, like the words in a song.


An expression, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process.

Literacy For Kids

An inspiring method.

Our program, Authors:IN-Detroit, will connect authors/illustrators with students to promote literacy, imagination, poetry, and creativity.

Through the support of our sponsors, donors, and members, LFK purchases an autographed book for each student along with a presentation opportunity.

The introduction of authors, artists, illustrators, musicians, dancers, poets, and others can inspire students to stretch their talents and passions.

How We Do It

There is nothing more powerful than words becoming art & ideas. Let’s change the future.

Join us.